About Us

Our Mission

Innovation Through Insight

Amidst the creative vibrancy of Laguna Beach, Olds Creative Agency emerged, embodying innovation and a break from the digital marketing norm. Here, passion meets profession, as we dedicate ourselves to the art of transformative marketing strategies and compelling visual narratives. It's not just about following trends; it's about setting them. Each project is a unique journey, and through personalized attention and an unwavering commitment to excellence, your brand's story is not just told; it's brought to life in vivid detail. Step into a partnership with us, and let's shape your vision into memorable digital masterpieces.


What We Believe In

Be Curios

At Olds, curiosity isn't just welcomed; it's the cornerstone of our creativity, driving us to explore uncharted territories and discover unique narratives.

Be Nice

In the world of business, our compass is kindness; fostering a culture of compassion, collaboration, and genuine connections.

Be Relentless

We possess an unwavering determination, persistently pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo to achieve unparalleled results.

Do Great Work

Our commitment goes beyond meeting expectations; we strive for excellence, ensuring every project stands as a testament to our craft's mastery.

Our Client


"They have been a genuine partner in our journey. Olds worked alongside us, complimenting our strategies with fresh ideas and expert insights that sharpened our vision for the launch of Hard Truth Distillery. Their dedication matched ours, as evidenced in the market's enthusiastic reception and the successful establishment of our brand identity."
Jeff McCabe
Co-Founder, Hard Truth Distilling Co.
"The video they produced was more than just professional; it showed off our dresses in the perfect setting, capturing the vibe we were going for. They made the whole process easy and fun, and the response from our customers has been great. Olds understood exactly what we needed."
Yuvraj Duggal
Owner, Macduggal
"Engaging with Olds Creative Agency transformed our online presence. Their team didn't just create visually stunning content; they understood and captured the heart of our practice, crafting a compelling narrative. Their attention to detail, creativity, and professional approach made them an invaluable asset in bringing our story to life."
Dr. Brett Long
Owner, Longevity Chiropractic
"Collaborating with Olds Creative Agency really elevated our app's presentation. They crafted an animation that clarified our app's use, appealing directly to our customers. We look forward to more projects with them."
Jon Bradford
CEO & Founder, Colab
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