Brand Elevation Through Custom Website and Content

Custom Webflow Website Site for Stem Recording Studio

Stem Recording Studio, a premier music recording studio in Phoenix, Arizona, sought to revamp its online presence to match its high-caliber services and facilities. The studio, led by founder and Phoenix Hall of Fame inductee Curtis Grippe and his brilliant studio manager and wife Christine Labelle, is renowned for its top-notch execution and creative collaborative environment. Our objective was to create a modern, user-friendly website that showcases the studio's unique offerings and provides an immersive experience for potential clients.
Web Development
Webflow Development
Website Content
Product Photography
Header Video



Conduct an in-depth photo shoot to capture the studio's vast array of historic and high-end instruments and gear, ensuring that each piece is presented in a manner that reflects its quality and significance.


Create engaging video content, including aerial drone footage, to offer a comprehensive view of the studio's location and ambiance, further enticing potential clients.

Figma Design

Design a contemporary website in Figma that resonates with the studio's target audience while aligning with the clients' aesthetic preferences, ensuring a seamless approval process.

Fully customized design from scratch

Webflow Development

Develop the approved Figma design into a fully functional Webflow website, prioritizing ease of navigation and an intuitive user experience.

Built from scratch with no templates

Usability and Conversion

Implement a custom form that effectively gathers essential information from prospects, facilitating informed decision-making for Curtis and streamlining the client onboarding process.

Project Execution

The project commenced with a meticulous photo and video shoot at Stem Recording Studio, aimed at capturing the essence of the studio's creative atmosphere and showcasing its impressive array of equipment. The imagery and videography were not just supplementary; they were foundational to the design process. The website's design was meticulously crafted to reflect the experience of recording in the studio, with the visual content serving as the cornerstone. Each design element was thoughtfully integrated to narrate the studio's story, creating a cohesive and inviting online presence. The synergy between the design and multimedia elements ensured that the website was not only visually appealing but also conveyed the unique ambiance of Stem Recording Studio. The final outcome is a testament to the harmonious blend of design and multimedia, offering visitors an engaging glimpse into the studio's creative realm.

Before the Transformation: Stem's Original Website