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Drone Support for Uppercut Deluxe

Olds Creative Agency was delighted to partner with Uppercut Deluxe for a unique and challenging project at the Eagle & Pig Barber shop. This assignment involved intricate drone operations, requiring precision and skill to capture footage inside the barber shop – a task that demands exceptional control and creativity. In addition to the indoor drone videography, our team also captured the essence of the event through exterior photo and video shoots. The project was particularly significant as the Uppercut Deluxe team had journeyed from Australia to host this event. Entrusted with such a vital role, we focused on delivering content that would do justice to the scale and energy of the occasion. Our work included drone support for the event's video production and creating engaging photographic content, all of which were later utilized in a video recap of the event and various social media posts.
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The primary goal for this collaboration with Uppercut Deluxe was to provide high-quality, dynamic visual content that captured the spirit and excitement of their event. The indoor drone footage was particularly aimed at showcasing the unique atmosphere of the Eagle & Pig Barber shop, offering viewers a novel perspective of the event space. Our exterior photo and video work sought to encapsulate the overall vibe and energy of the event, ensuring that the essence of the day was effectively communicated to a wider audience. By delivering this diverse range of content, our aim was to support Uppercut Deluxe in creating a compelling narrative around the event that would resonate with their global audience. This project was an opportunity to demonstrate our versatility and ability to handle complex filming scenarios, further cementing our reputation as a trusted partner for innovative and challenging creative projects.