Lifestyle Shoot

Hard Truth Distilling Co. Lifestyle Content Shoot

For Hard Truth Distilling Co., Olds Creative Agency embarked on a multifaceted visual storytelling project, masterminded by our founder Kevin and his fiancée Morgan. Set against the stunning and unique landscape of Joshua Tree, California, we produced a 60-second lifestyle video that encapsulated the spirit of adventure and freedom. This video, enriched with captivating drone videography, offers viewers a vivid and dynamic representation of the Hard Truth brand. Alongside the video, our team crafted around 40 high-resolution images, a mix of both product and lifestyle photography, showcasing the distillery's products in natural, engaging settings. Additionally, Kevin brought his creative expertise to the table by producing a dedicated cocktail video, further enhancing the brand's digital presence. All these assets were tailored for use across Hard Truth’s social media platforms and various advertising channels, aiming to boost brand engagement and product awareness.
Social Media Video
Social Media Images
Lifestyle Video
Product Photography


The primary goal of this project was to elevate Hard Truth Distilling Co.'s brand narrative through compelling visual content. The lifestyle video and photography aimed to not only showcase the products but also to immerse viewers in the brand's ethos – a blend of quality, authenticity, and adventure. The project was designed to resonate with both existing and potential customers, fostering a deeper connection with the brand. By leveraging these diverse media assets across social media and other advertising outlets, our objective was to increase brand visibility, encourage engagement, and ultimately drive consumer interest and sales. The cocktail video, in particular, aimed to demonstrate the versatility and appeal of Hard Truth's products, inviting viewers to experience the brand in their everyday lives.