Product Shoot

Photography for "Can You Copy Cat?"

Olds Creative Agency had the distinct opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Brett Long for his engaging book, "Can You Copy Cat?" Our objective was to create a collection of captivating photographs that would enhance the book's digital footprint on social media platforms. Dr. Brett Long, an esteemed chiropractor and the founder of Longevity Chiropractic, extends his expertise to this educational children's book. "Can You Copy Cat?" focuses on teaching children healthy techniques and behaviors through playful and interactive narratives. The book is a testament to Dr. Long’s commitment to holistic wellness and his innovative approach to fostering healthy habits from a young age.
Product Photography
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The primary goal of this project was to visually communicate the educational and nurturing themes of "Can You Copy Cat?" in a manner that captivates and engages a social media audience. Our photography aimed to complement the book’s content, drawing attention to the valuable lessons and techniques presented by Dr. Long. By creating visually appealing and contextually relevant images, we intended to increase the book's visibility, pique interest, and stimulate engagement on social media platforms. Furthermore, the project aimed to showcase Dr. Long's unique expertise in pediatric wellness, enhancing his personal brand as an author and health educator. Ultimately, this project was about more than just promoting a book; it was about highlighting the importance of teaching healthy behaviors to children in an engaging and interactive way.