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We were delighted to collaborate with Hard Truth Distilling on a project to sample and photograph their new bourbon line. While this collaboration was not a formal engagement, Hard Truth graciously provided us with samples of their exceptional spirits. We seized this opportunity to capture the essence of these bourbons through our lens, aiming to create visually captivating images that not only showcase the product but also convey the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into each bottle of Hard Truth bourbon.
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Product Photography


Our primary goal was to review and share our thoughts on the new bourbon line from Hard Truth. We aimed to provide an honest and insightful review that highlights the unique characteristics of each bourbon. Additionally, by photographing the samples and sharing them on our social media channels, we aimed to promote the Hard Truth bourbon line to our followers. Our goal was to create engaging content that generates interest and excitement around these new products. Through this project, we also wanted to showcase our photography skills and ability to capture the beauty and detail of products. We aimed to create high-quality images that not only promote the bourbon but also reflect our commitment to excellence in our craft. Overall, this collaboration allowed us to combine our passion for photography with our appreciation for great bourbon, resulting in a creative and engaging content piece that we are proud to share with our audience.