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Product Photography for Hard Truth Distilling Co.

For our latest collaboration with Hard Truth Distilling Co., Olds Creative Agency ventured to the picturesque landscapes of Big Bear, California, to spotlight Hard Truth's signature Cinnamon Vodka. Embracing the spirit of adventure and the warmth of cinnamon, we embarked on creating a set of visually striking photos that encapsulate the essence of this distinctive spirit. Alongside the photo shoot, a cocktail and lifestyle video was produced, featuring our founder and his fiancée as models, bringing to life the unique experiences that Hard Truth's Cinnamon Vodka can offer. This project aimed to blend the natural beauty of Big Bear with the inviting allure of Hard Truth’s cinnamon-infused creation, showcasing not just a spirit, but a lifestyle.
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The primary objective of this project was to craft a compelling visual narrative that elevates Hard Truth's Cinnamon Vodka above the ordinary. Through the enchanting backdrop of Big Bear, our goal was to create content that resonates with viewers, inviting them into a world where nature meets crafted sophistication. The photographs aimed to highlight the vodka’s versatility and appeal, ideal for any occasion that calls for a touch of warmth and spice. Our cocktail and lifestyle video sought to further this connection, illustrating the vodka’s perfect balance of flavor and its place within moments of enjoyment and relaxation. By leveraging these visual assets across Hard Truth's marketing channels, particularly in social media campaigns, we aimed to increase brand visibility, engage with a broader audience, and drive interest towards experiencing Hard Truth's Cinnamon Vodka firsthand. This project underscores our dedication to showcasing our clients' products in authentic, memorable ways that spark curiosity and foster brand loyalty.