Website Design for Luxury Furniture Brand

Web Design for CASAGUSTO

Olds collaborated with Britecode to update the existing WooCommerce website for CASAGUSTO. CASAGUSTO is a company specializing in crafting bespoke furniture with artisanal craftsmanship. They excel in creating unique pieces tailored to enhance any living or workspace environment, showcasing a dedication to quality and innovation in furniture design. The project aimed to modernize CASAGUSTO's outdated website, enhancing its usability for existing customers and creating a more engaging experience to attract new customers. Britecode managed the project and oversaw the development, ensuring a seamless implementation of the new design.
User Friendly Design
Web Design


The primary goal of this project was to update CASAGUSTO's outdated website to reflect the luxury and quality of their custom furniture. The focus was on modernizing the website design to match the high-end aesthetic of their unique products. We also aimed to create custom product display pages that would offer a seamless ordering experience for their bespoke pieces. The redesign sought to enhance usability, making the site more intuitive for existing customers while also attracting new clients by showcasing CASAGUSTO's brand identity and commitment to excellence. A responsive design was essential to ensure the website performed flawlessly across all devices. Throughout the project, we maintained close collaboration with CASAGUSTO to ensure all objectives were met effectively.